Buy the best from the best, we are a Stihl Elite Dealer with Gold Technician which means we are able to deliver to you the best value and offer the best service. Our customers are who define us, 35 years of serving you. Tell me more…   

Iron Strike

Soul warming heat. There’s something about a dew-covered morning in the country. It’s the perfect time for reflecting on what warms you inside and out. That’s why every stove in Iron Strike’s wood-burning collection is made with you in mind. Choose your style…


Once you use a log splitter you will wonder what took you so long to make your work much easier. DR vigorously tests each of their products for performance and durability, they are described truthfully, and guaranteed to be of the best quality and value available. Pick the right power tool…  
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Peak Fitness

Mt Peak is a favorite destination for keeping your body in great shape. Cutters supply helped keep the power equipment in great shape when the trails were first established. If you want to keep your equipment in peak shape,
see our service department at Cutters Supply.

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